z_Rangering at BitF

The Burn In The Forest Ranger Team Needs YOU!

Vancouver’s summer regional event Burn In The Forest, is now accepting Ranger scheduling requests.  Participants with Black Rock or Regional Ranger training and experience are encouraged to practice their Ranger Fu by joining the BitF Ranger Team.

Yonder and Tear Jerker are your Ranger Leads for Burn In The Forest.
Please request your BitF Ranger shifts by using the BitF Ranger Scheduling Request Form.

If you do NOT have yet have a ticket to Burn In The Forest there is a limited number of direct-sale tickets available to Ranger Volunteers. Contact your Ranger Leads ASAP to request your Ranger Priority Direct Sale Ticket.  You can reach them through the Contact Form on this website, or by sending an email to bitf2014 at bcrangers dot ca

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