Phased Shift Release

Our events and ranger community is growing, yet we still struggle to fill our most critical shifts.  We understand that not everyone is able or suited for nights & graveyards, but statistically, these are the shifts in most need.  When rangers who are willing & able to walk critical shifts are a limited resource, a “plan b” must be devised, so that we can have good coverage without burning anyone out.

We believe that prioritizing critical shifts is a practice that is necessary for the safety of our event and the health of our rangers.  New this year, we are trying a formalized, phased strategy:

Phase 1:  Evening, Night, and Graveyard shifts
Phase 2:  some Dawn and Afternoon shifts
Phase 3:  Morning, and remaining Dawn and Afternoon shifts

Evening 6pm-10pm
Night 10pm-2am
Graveyard 2am-6am
Dawn 6am-10am
Morning 10am-2pm
Afternoon 2pm-6pm


“But what if nobody signs up at all?”
Perhaps we’re optimistic, but we believe this is unlikely.  We have faith in our community’s ability to understand that inadequate coverage for critical shifts is an existential threat to our events.  There are also many dedicated rangers in our community who already commit themselves to critical shifts, and, rangering counts towards the volunteer hours needed for certain perks, such as advance ticket sales for future events.

“But what if everyone just waits until Phase 2 to sign up, leaving Phase 1 shifts empty?”
Phase 1 shifts must be filled completely, before Phase 2 is activated.
Phase 2 will be offered to Phase 1 scheduled rangers FIRST, before being opened to general signup. Many rangers already walk 2 or more shifts, and so we do not believe this is an unreasonable expectation.
When we are satisfied that all Phase 1 rangers have been given adequate opportunity for Phase 2 shifts, we will accept general signup until Phase 2 shifts are completely filled, and then repeat the process for Phase 3.
And for those who need a little more carrot on their stick, there will be exclusive swag for Phase 1 rangers.

“But what’s to stop someone from signing up for a Phase 1 shift, then taking a Phase 2 shift, but then dropping the Phase 1 shift, leaving it empty anyway?  Won’t this have the same result as opening them all at once, only with added bureaucracy?”
Rangers who drop their Phase 1 shift will be removed from their Phase 2 shift, and it will not be offered to general signup until the empty Phase 1 shift is refilled.
Depending on the circumstances of this drop, this may result in changing that rangers’s status from “Good Standing” to “Conditional”, and will impact how we consider their future shift-requests.  Rangers may request to trade their Phase 1 shift if they have another ranger willing to take their place. “Another ranger” recruited for such coverage must be current-year trained, and in Good Standing.  We will do our best to facilitate all reasonable shift-change requests.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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