July 6 Training Self-Study Materials

Thanks for signing up for BC Rangers Vancouver Training on Saturday, July 6, 2024 from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm. If you’ve signed up for a different session, reach out to your training coordinator for the correct link. Each training session has its own page so that we can more easily determine who has completed the quiz and is prepared for training.

In addition to the scheduled in-person training session in Vancouver, you must first complete this self-study portion which will take you approximately 2 hours. This consists of two parts:

  • a series of online videos – even if you’ve taken the training before, please re-watch the videos as a refresher
  • a quiz to confirm your understanding of the material

Please submit your quiz by midnight the day before the training session (though earlier is preferred).

No longer able to attend? Please let the trainer know as soon as possible as we may have people on the waitlist. 

Step 1: Welcome

Watch this one-minute Welcome to BC Rangers Online Training

Fun fact – we do in fact have in-person trainings again, though we’ve been using these training videos since 2022, so it’s had a few rounds of testing…

Step 2: Rangering 101 on Udemy

Watch the 75-minute Rangering 101. You will need to create a free account on Udemy to access the course. Start at video 1.4 What Rangers Do and watch through to 7.27 What to look for on your shift. (Gratitude to Ranger Jellydoughnut for creating this invaluable resource for the Love Burn in Florida).

Important note: You do not need to do any of the quizzes on Udemy!

Just follow the button below to navigate to the course on Udemy, and then click the “Enroll” button there. Watch the videos on Udemy and then come back here for Steps 3 (a few more videos), 4 (our own quiz, which is the one you need to take) and 5 (we need your photo for your Ranger laminate).

There are a few differences in BC Rangers procedures compared to the Love Burn training in Rangering 101. Here are the key differences:

Missing Child

  • We call out “missing child” on the radio rather than “apple”.
  • Additionally, a Khaki, Ranger Lead or Producer must be present (in order to check IDs) when returning a child to their parent. If law enforcement has been contacted (depending on the event policies), then law enforcement will complete this step. 

Event Regions

  • We don’t necessarily divide the event into sections or regions, and Ranger pairs may roam the entire area. – though Otherworld, when more Rangers are available, the event may be divided into upper and lower sections. The exception is Burn Night, where we may assign multiple pairs of Rangers to the burn and other rangers covering elsewhere. 

What to look for on your shift

  • If a non-participant tries to attend the event, it is unlikely that security will charge them with trespassing – they will typically be asked to leave the event. If you run into a non-participant, report to your Khaki who will enlist help from Production. Production will check their ticket to see if they should be in attendance, in the event that someone has legitimately lost their wristband. 
  • Additionally, BC Regional events do not typically have wristband numbers or special colours for fire-safety trained participants. They may have a specific colour to indicate a minor, however. 

Step 3: Rangering 102 Videos

Watch the 35-minute Rangering 102 video below. This includes helpful supplemental information to build upon the knowledge you’ve gained from Rangering 101.

  • Rangering 102 [0:00]
  • Khaki [0:22]
  • Ranger Approach [3:11]
  • Communication [6:42]
  • Conflict Resolution [12:46]
  • Self Care [20:02]
  • How Not to Ranger [23:23]
  • Shifts and Partners [27:43]
  • Wrap Up [31:57]

Step 4: Quiz – Required Prior To In-person Training

This quiz helps us understand what knowledge you already have, and what we should review with the group during training. This quiz is required for several reasons:

  • to be an effective Ranger and to be able to serve your community, you need to demonstrate a knowledge of some of the tools at your disposal
  • we need to know that you have a thorough understanding of what is expected of you as a Ranger
  • it helps us understand what knowledge you already have, and what we should review with the group during training

To take the quiz and record your completion of the self-study materials prior to attending training, click the link below which will take you to Google Forms.

As far as volunteering goes, being a Ranger is a substantial time commitment. Your contribution matters! I’m glad that we have you – people in our community who want to keep our events fun and safe for all. Thanks for taking the quiz, and we look forward to seeing you at training soon.

There’s just one more thing to do…

Step 5: Upload Your Photo

We need a photo of each Ranger to put on your yearly Ranger laminate. This visible Ranger identification will have your photo & handle on the front, and on the back it has a quick mnemonic for FLAME, radio call sequence & details, and a quick medical call reminder.

By uploading your photo here, you make our administrative tasks lighter by saving us from having to track who has sent us a photo and who hasn’t, and saving us from sending out reminder emails.

Unfortunately for some reason this form has to be authenticated with Google to allow users to upload photos. If that doesn’t jive with you, please email your photo to registrar@bcrangers.ca instead.

Photos should have a neutral background, an unobstructed view of your face with minimal shadows, neck and shoulders should be visible (helps us with cropping), and you’re dressed to default modesty standards.

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