Event Feedback Form

BC Rangers Event Feedback

Tell us how we did at your regional event!
  • Please tell us about your interactions, observations, or perception of Rangers at the event(s) you attended.
  • How was your experience with the Ranger Lead(s)? Before, during and after the event: did we provide appropriate information and resources, communicate well, and display good leadership? How was your experience with Khaki and Ranger HQ? Were we available and supportive, and was Ranger HQ well equipped to meet your needs? Were shift changes and radio sign out/in handled smoothly? Was there something we missed, or something that we could improve?
  • BC Rangers is always a work in progress, and we use your feedback to steer our decision-making, planning and protocols. How may we better serve you?
  • Rangers are effective only because of the trust that the community places in us, and part of our responsibility is to ensure that rangers are conducting themselves appropriately. We take feedback seriously, and we have a structured process for handling performance and conduct concerns. If you had a challenging interaction with a ranger, ranger lead, or trainer, or if you have observed unrangerly actions or attitudes, please tell us about it. We may wish to speak to you about your concerns, and/or regarding next-steps. If you are comfortable doing so, please include your name, email, and phone number, so that we may follow up with you. If you’d like to submit your report separately from the rest of this form, please send an email to report@bcrangers.ca.
  • Applause for Rangers who are totally kickin’ it is very welcome! If you saw some excellent rangering, or have someone that you’d like to point out as being extra awesome, please let us know! We’ll make sure your praise gets sent along to the intended receiver.

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