Dustcovery & SeaCompression!

There are TWO upcoming events on the calendar that would love to have you:

First up is SeaCompression, in Seattle WA, on Saturday Oct 20 (that’s real soon!)

BC Rangers – Thespian
It’s not too late to get your ranger decompression on down the road in Seattle. It’s a great warm-up for Dustcovery.

SeaCompression, western Washington’s sanctioned decompression, is just around the corner (Oct 20th, Seattle, Wa). It’s a chance to breathe in that clean (no more forest fires!) Puget Sound air, spread some good will among burners and muggles, and have a fabulous time!

If you are interested in Rangering a short shift (2 hours), please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/HQfk4ksfkPKNniy33

One shift will get you half price to the ticketed areas; two shifts will get you in free. We’d love to have you!

Thespian, Mokie, and BruteSquad

Next up is Dustcovery, in Vancouver BC, on Saturday November 17

Dustcovery needs you!!!

This is Ranger Hardpack, the ranger lead for Dustcovery. I am getting things going, and shift sign-ups for Dustcovery should be available soon.

If you intend to ranger the event, please fill out the volunteer page found here: http://dustcovery.gvias.org/participate/volunteer/

Please stay tuned for communications as we get things moving on this end.

Can’t wait to see you all there!!