z_BitF 2015: Ranger Info

If you are planning to Ranger at BitF this year,

See The Schedule and Sign Up For Shifts!
You can view the current schedule (updated every couple of days), and find information about requesting shifts RIGHT HERE.

Outstanding Shift Needs
There are still some holes in the schedule, and as much as we never want to overwork anyone, we encourage you to take as many shifts as you feel able.
The shifts we need covered the most are the ones where we have the least volunteers: the Swing, Graveyard, and Dawn shifts.. If you are able to fill one of these shifts, we will love you forever. Literally.

Returning Rangers, New Rangers
We are short on Returning Rangers that we can pair with New Rangers.  If you have Rangered before, your experience is incredibly valuable, and a New Ranger would benefit greatly from your support.  If you are able to offer an additional shift as a gift of mentorship to a new Ranger, please contact me to request a schedule addition/change.

Critical Ranger Skills Refreshers
For the first time ever, we are offering short, on-site refreshers for Critical Ranger Skills such as radio protocol, ranger approach, FLAME, LOGIC-B, etc.  These refreshers will be held at Ranger HQ at Noon on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and should be completed within one hour.  Everyone is welcome!  Please let us know which you will attend.

Burn Perimeter Crew
This year, there will be fire performances on Thursday and Friday night, as well as the Effigy Burn on Saturday night. Burn Perimeters are not as long as a full Ranger shift, and do not require patrolling – you will only be holding a safety perimeter until the Fire Event is safe to approach.
To assist with Burn Perimeters for these Fire Events, please report to Kazmira at Ranger HQ at 7pm for briefing.

Sunday Social
Ranger Roundup!  Please come to Ranger HQ at noon on Sunday July 12, so that we may recognize your contributions, and to schmooze with your fellow Rangers.

Who’s Who?
If you have any needs or questions throughout the event, you can find one of us!  Our photos & how-to-find-us will be located at Ranger HQ.

  • Ranger co-Lead & Khaki: Yonder
  • Ranger co-Lead & Khaki: Kazmira
  • Ranger Lead Mentee & Khaki: Hardpack

Rangers Cucumber, Flourless Cake, and Main Tank will also be joining us for Khaki duties.

Thanks again for being awesome; this is going to be another amazing year for Rangers, and you are part of it!

We’re looking forward to Rangering with you,
-Rangers Kazmira, Yonder, and Hardpack

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