BC Rangers Leadership Team

Director – Ranger Bzkrk

The Director supports the Leadership Team, assists in yearly planning, the development of policies & procedures, keeps records, manages finances, and is the formal contact for BC Rangers. director@bcrangers.ca

Communications Coordinator – Ranger Spreadsheet

The Communications Coordinator oversees all aspects of BC Rangers official communications, including announcements and web content. comms@bcrangers.ca

Registrar – Ranger Flashpot

The Registrar ensures the accuracy and security of data provided by volunteers to BC Rangers, oversees training registration, mailing list upkeep, and ranger standings. registrar@bcrangers.ca

Quartermaster & Project Manager – Ranger Barracuda

The Quartermaster oversees the ordering, distribution, and tracking of physical inventory related to BCR activities, particularly T-shirts, laminates, patches, buttons, etc. quartermaster@bcrangers.ca

IT Coordinator – Ranger Brodiggity

The IT coordinator keeps the BC Rangers website going, and supports all of our intarweb technology. IT@bcrangers.ca

Training Team – Rangers Flourless Cake, Polka Dot, and Barracuda

The Training Team reviews and revises the training materials each year.

Ranger Council – Rangers Flourless Cake, Polka Dot, Barracuda, Wavelength, Brodiggity, Flashpot, Steelhead, and Yonder

The Ranger Council exists to provide support and accountability for the Director, and to assist with planning for the future.

Other Roles:

We are always looking for experienced rangers to help out as Khaki, Trainers, and Mentors.  If you are interested in these roles, please let us know!  recruiting@bcrangers.ca

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