COMPLETE – [Victoria] June 3 – Regional Ranger Training

We’ve reached capacity for this training! (40)
Please email us and let us know that you would like to be on the wait list for this training (because late-cancellations DO happen):

When: Saturday, June 3, 2017 (09:45AM – 02:15PM)
Where: Limbic Media (740 Discovery Street) [MAP]

This training is for anyone who wants to ranger at a regional event (such as Otherworld, Burn in the Forest, SOAK or Critical Northwest) in 2017. If you also intend to ranger at Burning Man, please read the note at the very bottom.


Thanks for signing up, Ranger! Here is all the information to get the most out of your day:


09:45AM – 10:00AM: Arrival and sign-in
10:00AM – 02:15PM: Main Training
03:30PM – 05:00PM: Ranger Social (optional)

Transit/Parking & Venue Information
  • Limbic Media is on a connecting street between Douglas and Blanshard Streets, in the core downtown Victoria area.
  • There is a parking lot at the venue, as well as metered street parking nearby.
  • Most local bus routes stop nearby, including the 30/31, 4, 14/15, 70/71/75.
  • There is room at the venue to securely park your bicycle.

We will be using the Northwest Rangers regional training manual, which is acceptable training for most regional events in BC, Washington, and Oregon. There is not yet a trainee manual that we can share with you, however, you can prepare yourself by checking out the Black Rock Ranger Manual, as it is the foundation of our training.

What To Bring
  • A chair or cushion
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water bottle / cup
  • A snack (we will have only two 10min breaks, no lunch)
Post-Training Ranger Social

After training, you are invited to decompress and share your thoughts & experiences at the Ranger Social. Exact destination TBD; we will most likely be heading to a pub in the area.

(Other Ranger social events are being planned for Vancouver and Victoria; stay tuned!)

Thank You, Ranger!

It takes a community to help make our events a compassionate and supportive place. Thank you, Ranger, you are so appreciated.

– BC Rangers Leadership Team

 Event-Specific Ranger Info

If you intend to ranger at Otherworld

Otherworld collects volunteer information as part of the ticketing process. Please indicate your interest in Rangers when you buy your ticket. Your Otherworld Ranger Leads are Big Pancake and Yonder

If you intend to ranger at Burn In The Forest

If you have not already done so, please fill out the ‘Be The Crew’ volunteer form, and indicate that you are interested in Rangers:

If you intend to ranger at Burning Man in 2017

Please note the applications for new Black Rock Rangers are now closed for 2017.  If you are already a Black Rock Ranger (or interested in auditing the training session), we will host a Black Rock Ranger training on Saturday, June 10, 2017.