Ranger Training For IMBY [VICTORIA]

Please note: new location!
Sunday April 22, 2018 (09:45AM – 02:30PM)
Where: Ground Control Cafe, 777 Fort Street [MAP]
Maximum 30 participants

This training is for experienced rangers who want to ranger at I.M.B.Y.Victoria’s first-ever open-to-the-public Kindle Arts Society event. To support that need, training registration priority will be given to experienced rangers.
If you are new to rangering this year, we may ask that you maintain that enthusiasm, and attend the next training.  There will be more training opportunities before Otherworld, dates & locations to be announced soon.

Thanks for signing up, Ranger! Here is all the information to get the most out of your day:


09:45AM – 10:00AM: Arrival and sign-in
10:00AM – 02:30PM: Main Training
03:30PM – 05:00PM: Ranger Social (optional) at Bartholomew’s English-Style Pub, 777 Douglas Street [MAP]

Transit/Parking & Venue Information

  • Free parking on street, and some City parkades
  • Bike lock spot outside cafe

We will be using the Northwest Rangers regional training manual, which is acceptable training for most regional events in BC, Washington, and Oregon. There is not yet a trainee manual that we can share with you, however, you can prepare yourself by checking out the Black Rock Ranger Manual, as it is the foundation of our training.

What To Bring
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water bottle / cup
  • A snack (we will have only two 10min breaks, no lunch)
Post-Training Ranger Social

After training, you are invited to decompress and share your thoughts & experiences at the Ranger Social.

Thank You, Ranger!

It takes a community to help make our events a compassionate and supportive place. Thank you, Ranger, you are so appreciated.

– BC Rangers Leadership Team