z_2017 Black Rock Ranger Training in BC

Immense gratitude to Ranger Leeway, who will be coming from Portland to train us on Saturday June 10th, 2017!
If, after reading this missive, you have questions or need help, you can contact me: kazmira@burningman.org

Anyone interested in Black Rock Ranger Training, should read this page FIRST: http://rangers.burningman.org/training/

And then read the incredibly important
Attending as a Returning Black Rock Ranger
If you are ALREADY a Black Rock Ranger, you may log into the Secret Clubhouse, take the Manual Review, and sign up for this training.  You will not be permitted to sign up for training until you have completed the Manual Review.

Attending as a Prospective Black Rock Ranger
If you are ALREADY a Prospective Black Rock Ranger (that means you have already submitted a Burning Man Volunteer Questionnaire, received a radio callsign, uploaded an approved laminate photo, and you have completed the Manual Review), you may log into the Secret Clubhouse and sign up for this training.
If you are NOT already a Prospective Black Rock Ranger, unfortunately, applications are closed for 2017.  You may still audit the training if you wish (instructions below), and we invite you apply when applications re-open in 2018.

Attending as a Regional Ranger (Auditing)
Regional Rangers are very welcome to AUDIT the Black Rock Ranger Training, which is a full-day training ((9:45am-5:30pm), and is accepted training at any regional event, anywhere.  This does not make you a Black Rock Ranger, nor will it allow you to ranger at Burning Man in 2017.  Walk-ins are not accepted, so pre-registration via the Black Rock Ranger Secret Clubhouse is required.  If you would like to attend this training, please read the information and Auditing registration instructions on the Black Rock Ranger website: http://rangers.burningman.org/training/auditing/

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