z_2017 BCR Leadership Application

Thank you for your interest in BC Rangers!

We’re always looking for experienced rangers who are interested in taking on a little more responsibility.  If you’re interested in being a Khaki, a Trainer, or a Mentor, let us know.

Our 2017 Leadership Team is now assembled, but we are still seeking to fill one critical role:

Ranger Lead (Burn In The Forest 2017)
To apply:  The BitF Volunteer Survey will be available soon.  In the meantime, you can indicate your interest by contacting us directly: director@bcrangers.ca

Role Description
2+ years active Ranger experience IS required, some exceptions may be made for applicants with significant & relevant non-ranger safety and leadership experience.  Mentoring & support will be available to you.  

The Ranger Lead will oversee ranger-related needs & concerns for a particular Event, and will lead a TEAM of Dirt Rangers and Khakis for that Event.  Ideally, this role should require no more than a few hours per week until the end of the Event.  Ranger Leads report to the Event Liaison AND the Event Producer.


  • Be or become up to date with all aspects of BCR responsibilities & needs for Events.
  • Work collaboratively with the Event Producer and Training Coordinator to ensure Event and ranger needs are accounted for.
  • Work collaboratively with the Quartermaster to ensure adequate ranger supplies are ordered for the Event (such as T-shirts, lighted arm bands, swag, etc).
  • Attend Event Production meetings, in-person or remotely, as required by the Event.
  • Work collaboratively with Communications to craft and publish Event-related ranger callouts, announcements, thank yous, website & social media content.
  • Respond to inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • Schedule Dirt Ranger & Khaki coverage for the Event.
  • Lead and Mentor Dirt Rangers & Khakis.
  • Oversee radio or other shared resource sign-outs, if needed.
  • Maintain an incident report log to submit to the Event Producer & Events Liaison.
  • Maintain an organized HQ.

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