z_2014 Training In Vancouver

It’s official!
(The first ever in Vancouver) Black Rock Ranger Training is ON!

This training is for everyone who wishes to volunteer to Ranger at any event.

Date: Saturday June 21, 2014
Time: 9:45am – 5:15pm
NEW LOCATION: Sideshow Studios, 15 West 2nd Avenue
Contact: 604-632-0025, bcranger@bcrangers.ca
Advance registration required!

Please visit, read, and follow the instructions at:

When in doubt, please ping Frank and/or Claire (Rangers Yonder & Tear Jerker).  We can help with questions, confusions, confirmations & encouragement.  You can reach us at: bcranger@bcrangers.ca

About the Training
In previous years, Vancouver & Victoria have held self-directed community & regional ranger training for our events. These trainings were based on what the Black Rock Rangers do at Burning Man, but reduced in scope and modified to suit our regional needs, and not sufficient for volunteering in the desert.

For the first time ever, we will have a small fleet of active, and very experienced, Black Rock Ranger Trainers visiting us from Seattle and Portland, to offer training that is suitable for BOTH regional events, AND the Black Rock Desert.

Black Rock Ranger training is recognized by Burning Man communities everywhere.  Learning the common language of Rangers and radio calls, and receiving the same training as people outside your area, will open the way for you to volunteer at events in neighbouring regions such as Soak and Critical Northwest, as well as Burning Man and beyond.

This year’s training has new scenarios and plenty of conflict resolution/mediation practice, and is always an excellent opportunity for good conversations, great connections, and community growth.

If you plan to volunteer to Ranger at any event this year, this training is suitable for you.

Thanks to all who filled out the interest poll, and our apologies that we couldn’t get an earlier date. June 21 was the first opening that the Seattle & Portland trainers had available for us.

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