Rangers are participants dedicated to preserving the safety, welfare, and quality of experience of our community.  We volunteer some of our time as non-confrontational community mediators, encouraging and facilitating communication.  We promote awareness of potential hazards, and carry radios to quickly relay information in case of emergency.  We are not security guards, babysitters, nor fun-police, we are simply available, and only assist when needed.

Black Rock Ranger
An “official” Black Rock Ranger has completed the full Black Rock Ranger training  (including a “mentor shift” in the desert) and is eligible to volunteer for Ranger shifts at Burning Man.   Black Rock City is very large, with a wide range of possible needs, and the training is thorough in order to prepare Rangers for any situation they might encounter.

Regional Ranger
A Regional Ranger has completed a portion of Black Rock Ranger training  for the purposes of Rangering at a local/regional event.  As regional events are much smaller and generally simpler than Burning Man, Regional training usually omits aspects that are particular to Rangering in Black Rock City, and increases focus on regional needs.

Green Dot Ranger
Green Dots are Rangers who help participants through situations that have a strong emotional, psychic, or internal component. Green Dots are first and foremost, patient listeners who seek to hold space for participants undergoing inner transformation or experiencing internal distress.

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