Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Ranger?
Rangers are participants dedicated to preserving the safety, welfare, and quality of experience of our community.  We volunteer some of our time as non-confrontational community mediators, encouraging and facilitating communication.  We promote awareness of potential hazards, and carry radios to quickly relay information in case of emergency.  We are not security guards, babysitters, nor fun-police, we are simply available, and only assist when needed.

I’ve taken Ranger training before, and/or I have volunteered to Ranger at a regional event, do I have to attend training again?
Firstly, thank you for volunteering to be a Ranger!  We appreciate everyone who makes themselves available in this way.

Rangers are required to attend training every year
 in order to be in Good Standing.  Although the material covered may not change greatly from year to year, it is always beneficial to refresh and connect with other rangers in preparation for events.  It is particularly valuable for new rangers to meet & be mentored by returning rangers, so even if you think you don’t need the training, please know that other rangers benefit from your presence.

What is the difference between a Black Rock Ranger and a Regional Ranger?
A Black Rock Ranger has completed the full Black Rock Ranger training  (including their “Alpha Shift” in the desert) and is eligible to volunteer for Ranger shifts at Burning Man.   Black Rock City is very large, with a wide range of possible needs, and the training is thorough in order to prepare Rangers for any situation they might encounter.

A Regional Ranger has completed Black Rock OR Regional Ranger training  for the purposes of Rangering at local/regional events.  As regional events are much smaller and generally simpler than Burning Man, Regional training usually omits aspects that are particular to Rangering in Black Rock City, and increases focus on regional needs.

Regional training alone is not sufficient if you wish to Ranger at Burning Man, but Black Rock Ranger training is valid for all Regional Events.

How do I become a Black Rock Ranger or Regional Ranger?
To become a Black Rock Ranger and ranger at Burning Man, see First Steps To Becoming A Ranger.
To become a regional ranger, attend a regional or Black Rock Ranger training, volunteer to ranger at a regional event, and your regional ranger leads will help guide you.

When and where is the next Ranger Training?
See Ranger Training in BC.

Is there going to be a Regional or Black Rock Ranger training in my city?
BC Rangers facilitates annual Regional Trainings in Victoria and Vancouver BC.  For Black Rock training, if your area already has Trainers that live there (such as Seattle or Portland), there will likely be a training available where you live.  However, if you live in an area where there are no resident Black Rock Ranger Trainers, such as Vancouver or Victoria, Ranger HQ will send trainers, provided there is attendance commitment from (minimum) 10 prospective or returning Black Rock Rangers.

How much does the training cost?
There is no cost to attend Black Rock or Regional Ranger training.


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