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Burn In The Fraser 2015

Thank you for once again, rocking it hard!

It’s unfortunate that I was too sick to attend BitF and see everyone in action myself, but I’ve heard only good things. All reports say that the event was amazing, the Rangers were rockstars, and that everything pretty much went off without a hitch.  How wonderful!

We have some important thank-yous to offer to folks who played critical roles in making Rangers happen this year:

  • To our Black Rock Ranger Trainers: Africa, Riff Raff and Mockingbird, who traveled from Calgary and Seattle to train us.
  • To Riff Raff specifically for his work on the Regional Training Guide, and for Rangering me when I needed it.
  • To Rangers Zeitgeist, Roslyn, and DiverDave, who are constant sources of support for us year round.
  • To Roadhouse Interactive, Limbic Media, and ADM Structural, for allowing us to use their spaces as training venues.
  • To GVIAS and Kindle Arts for their generous support in our Ranger mission.
  • To Rangers Viress and Got A Match, for their hard work in making the first Black Rock Ranger training in Victoria happen, and for their tireless efforts as Ranger Leads for Otherworld.
  • To Kayte for wrangling a location and hosting Vancouver’s Green Dot training.
  • To everyone who came out to learn and participate in the various Regional and Black Rock Trainings.
  • To all the Rangers who walked shifts at Otherworld and BitF.
  • To my awesome team of Khakis, who held it up when I was falling down: Cucumber, Flourless Cake, Hardpack, Main Tank, and Yonder.
  • To the BitF Production team for totally rocking Mission Impossible.
  • To Laura & Mika for their Volunteer Coordinator mojo.
  • To Brian, who single-handedly facilitated our brand new BC Rangers T-shirts: He vectorized our logo, recommended a great printshop, drove me to pick them up when I was sick, and delivered them to BitF for me in time for the first pair of Rangers to have them on their shift.
  • To Bitchez, for making our BC Rangers sign.
  • And last, but not least, thank you to our THIRTEEN regional rangers from BC, who intend to walk their Alpha shift in the desert this year.

Thank you, sincerely, for bringing your love to our community, for your Ranger Fu, and for helping to make our events a compassionate and supportive place.

Much gratitude,
Rangers Kazmira, Yonder, and Hardpack

BitF Khakis: Main Tank, Hardpack, Flourless Cake, Cucumber and Yonder

Burn In The Forest 2014

My dearest Rangers,
Thank you for rocking it, and rocking it hard!

The feedback we have received from Burn In The Forest has been overwhelmingly positive: from the participants, the production team, the RCMP, the land owner, and our fellow Rangers. Not all shifts were stress-free, but everyone brought their A-game, demonstrating outstanding Ranger Fu, and truly, this would not have been possible without your heaps of dedication and enthusiasm. It’s been a landmark year for regional Rangers! I am filled with gratitude for the groundwork laid for us by Rangers and Ranger Leads in years past, and bursting with excitement for what is still yet to come. These successes will be a solid foundation for next year’s adventures, and it is my great hope that we will stay connected throughout the coming years, to continue nurturing our budding community of BC Rangers.

Did you know that we broke records and exceeded expectations? When we initially requested a Black Rock Ranger Training from Ranger HQ, we weren’t sure we could get the minimum number of signups (20). Well, we had 72 signups, and 55 attendees! We heard lots of positive feedback regarding the Seattle Trainers, and the quality of their training. Likewise, the Trainers were impressed, not just with our numbers, but with the keen interest shown by everyone who attended. Ours was the largest off-playa training to happen this year, and indeed, one of the largest off-playa trainings EVER. As well, we had a record number of Rangers at Burn In The Forest, with requests for shifts from 36 well-trained Rangers. Although we did have a few thin spots, for the most part, our coverage was better than ever. What an amazing gift of support and community – Way to go!

It’s been such an honour to be with you on this journey, from the first ever Black Rock Ranger training in BC, to Otherworld, to Burn In the Forest, and indeed beyond. For many of us, our work is not yet done!
Burning Man is just around the corner, and there are at least four BC Rangers (two from Victoria, two from Vancouver) who will be walking their Alpha shifts in the desert this year. We send them off with love and gratitude, and hope they return to us as “Shiny Pennies”.

It’s been a pleasure Rangering with you, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

-Rangers Kazmira & Yonder
BitF 2014 Ranger Leads, on behalf of BC Rangers