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May 2018 Ranger News

In This Newsletter:

• Training Team
• Social Coordination Team
• Otherworld Ranger Lead Team
• Burn In The Forest Ranger Lead Team

• Registration Open
• Victoria Training Location Confirmed
• Vancouver Training Locations Needed

• Ranger Lead Team Structure

• You rock!


Join the Training Team
Every year, we train 100+ rangers in two cities, and the more trainers we have, the better!
We can accept a maximum of SIX new Trainers In Training this year, two at each regional training, (May 27, June 9, June 30)
If you’ve been a ranger for 2+ years, have good social capital, and are interested in becoming a BC Rangers Trainer, we’re ready for you.  To become a Trainer In Training, let us know, and you’ll receive a training manual and phone-orientation with an experienced Trainer.  You’ll also be invited to pre-training planning call(s) for your chosen training(s), and we’ll mentor you as you participate in training(s) as a Trainer In Training.

Join the Social Coordination Team
Our Social Coordinator Ranger Rayven Time is expanding her department and is seeking a Vancouver-based volunteer counterpart. Let us know that you’re interested!

Join The Otherworld Ranger Lead Team
Applications the Otherworld Ranger Lead Team are now OPEN!
Email us and let us know that you’re interested in joining the Ranger Lead Team, and what role you feel best suited for. See below for the new Ranger Lead Team Structure!

Join The Burn In The Forest Ranger Lead Team
Ranger Bzkrk is Ranger Lead for Burn In The Forest, and is an excellent mentor!
If you’re interested in joining the BitF Ranger Lead Team, email us and let us know.

Training News

Registration Open
All rangers refresh their training every year, and all trainings are now accepting registrations. If you haven’t registered yet, but intend to ranger in 2018, please sign up!

Victoria Training May 27: Location Confirmed!
Many thanks to Ranger Wavelength for arranging Fierce Martial Arts Studio for us!
If you are not yet registered for the May 27 training and you’d like to attend, please register HERE, and if you’d like to participate as a Trainer In Training that day, please let us know!

Vancouver Trainings: Location(s) needed!
BC Ranger Training is looking for a temporary home! Would your collective home, condo common room or office or warehouse possibly have space for us?

We have three trainings in the works and no home yet:
• Vancouver, Saturday June 2 Black Rock, 25-30 people, 9-6pm
• Vancouver, Saturday June 9 max. 40 people, 9-3pm
• Vancouver, Saturday June 30 max. 40 people, 9-3pm

We rangers are a tidy bunch, we will leave your space cleaner than we found it. We drink a lot of coffee, we sit and talk about how to help our events stay safe and we practice some scenarios where we act out challenges that might come up and give our new rangers a chance to try out their rangerly skills.  A free space would be ideal as our trainings are provided free of cost, but we could potentially pay a small fee for space if needed.

New Ranger Lead Team Structure

As our events grow, so does Rangers, and Ranger Lead has become too big a job for just one person, or even two. As an exercise, we divided & exampined all Ranger Lead responsibilities, and realized that it should actually be a four-person TEAM!

• Role 1: BCR Admin/Liaison (centralized BCR support role, presently served by Kazmira)
Pre-Event: Coordinate with Board/Producer(s) as needed until Ranger Lead Team is formed, access BCR resources, training registrations, shift scheduling, comms, etc.
Post-Event: Receive report & feedback from Ranger Co-Leads and Production, and perform any final coordination or followup needed.

• Roles 2 & 3: Ranger Co-Leads:Two Co-Leads will divide Ranger Lead responsibilities as they are comfortable, and are accountable to BCR and the Event Producer.
Pre-Event: become super familiar with both BC Rangers and the Event’s policies & procedures, attend Production meetings, be point people for event-specific ranger inquiries & coordination.
At-Event: brief & support Khakis, attend Production meetings, perform daily check-ins with HQ & Khaki, handle onsite ranger issues in a timely & rangerly manner.
Post-Event: provide a report to BCR Admin, perform any followups needed, with BCR support if needed, handle any event-specific wrap up duties (volcor, afterburn report etc), send feedback forms & thank you notes.

• Role 4: Logistics: This is a good role for the Ranger-Lead-Curious!  Ranger Logistics reports to the Co-Leads, and is focused on ensuring that all physical aspects of Ranger HQ are in order.
Pre-Event: attend site visit, ensure HQ infrastructure is arranged (power, shelter, etc), ensure BCR inventory gets to the event (tables, signs, shirts, lams, swag, etc).
At-Event: ensure HQ is set up & supplied, arrange refreshments, distribute BCR inventory as directed by Co-Leads, radio management sign in/out (if applicable at event), ensure HQ is packed up & transported at end of event.
Post-Event: provide inventory/report to BCR Quartermaster


Our collective creativity is astounding, and it is a great honour to contribute to such a vibrant, supportive, and growing community.

We’re looking forward to rangering with you!

Ranger Kazmira / Claire Roberts
Director, BC Rangers, on behalf of the BC Rangers Leadership Team

BC Rangers Leadership Restructuring

It’s an exciting time for BC Rangers, and we wanted to give you a preview of what’s in store for 2017. You’ll see a lot of activity from us in the coming weeks, as we launch a robust recruiting drive, prepare for the coming training cycle, and more.

As you will see in our forthcoming (first ever!) BC Rangers Annual Report, we are growing quickly. To support this interest while preparing a foundation for further growth, we will be making a number of structural changes to BC Rangers Leadership.

Most notably, we will be retiring the Regional Coordinator roles, and forming a single BC Rangers Leadership Team, consisting of rangers from both Victoria and Vancouver. Each member will lead one facet of BCR responsibility, and work closely with each other, to build an integrated and supportive Leadership Team. It is our vision that this unification, combined with formal documentation of policies and procedures, will help reduce individual burnout, improve communication, performance consistency, and provide solid guidance to new ranger leadership for years to come.

In the coming weeks, we will publish role descriptions and application instructions, and expect to have the new Leadership Team in place before our regional training cycle begins in April. In the interim, while I am leading this restructuring effort, Ranger Yonder serve as as Events Liaison, ensuring that event-related BCR responsibilities & expectations will be met during this period of transition.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to our ranger mission, and we thank you for your continued support in serving our beloved community.

With gratitude,
Claire Roberts / Ranger Kazmira
Director, BC Rangers