2023 Black Rock Ranger Training – auditor waitlist only [June 24]

Date: June 24th, 2023

Address: East Vancouver

This list is for regional rangers who want to ranger at a BC regional event (such as Otherworld or Burn in the Forest) in 2023.
This is NOT registration for Black Rock Ranger training for Burning Man.

This year, the Black Rock Training Academy has told the Black Rock Ranger Trainers that they really want to prioritize Black Rock Ranger Trainees rather than regional auditors.  However, if it turns out that we have room to add Regional Ranger Trainees (regional auditors) to the training session, we can fill any available spots with regional auditors.

There is one extra hitch though.  Any regional auditor still needs to be set up in the Ranger Clubhouse and also will need to complete the full Black Rock Rangers online training before being allowed to enroll in this training.

If you are interested in joining a waitlist of regional auditors for this training, please fill out the form below.

If a space becomes available,  you will be contacted directly by the Black Rock Ranger Training Co-ordinator.