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Are you our next BiTF Ranger Lead?

We are still looking for a ranger lead for Burn in the Forest – just 8 weeks away! We need a ranger lead to have rangers present at the event. Are you our next ranger lead?

What does the Ranger Lead do?

The Ranger Lead supports a team of dirt rangers and works directly with BiTF’s Safety Producer. They will also schedule rangers, organize Ranger HQ with the support of the Department of Public Works (DPW), and advise Khakis on complex cases.  

What is the time commitment?

Before the event, the Ranger Lead will attend a few pre-event production meetings, schedule rangers, and set up HQ. They will also need to attend the entirety of the event to provide support to khakis and dirt rangers. 

Co-Leading is a possibility to make the work load more manageable. It also has the added benefit of a ranger-colleague to discuss challenges with, and talk through planning options. 

What support would I receive?

The BC Rangers has an experienced team available to provide mentoring and support such as planning suggestions, scheduling support and sharing lessons learned. You also have the option of scheduling a ‘Officer of the Day’ – senior Rangers who can provide support in case more serious situations arise.

What experience do I need?

The ideal candidate will have two or more years of ranger experience. Khaki experience is beneficial but not required. Safety and/or leadership experience (inside our outside of the Burner community) is an asset too! Candidates must be in good standing with the BC Rangers and the regional Burning Man community since it’s a highly visible role.

What are the benefits?

While it’s a fair bit of work, it’s a wonderful opportunity to meaningful contribute to Burn in the Forest and our dear regional community of BC burners. It will provide you with the chance to get move involved with the BC Rangers and develop your leadership skills.

Often, the Ranger Lead has access to commissary for the duration for the event. PLUS, next year, you’ll be eligible for a directed ticket. 


Reach out to Ranger Bzkrk at to start a conversation. After an initial conversation, you’ll still have time to think about it before you commit.