z_2016 Ranger Training VICTORIA BC

2016 Ranger Training VICTORIA, BC

Regional Ranger Training is appropriate for rangering at Regional Events such as Otherworld, Burn In The Forest, SOAK, and Critical Northwest.  Rangers are required to attend ONE training per calendar year, in order to ranger at Regional Events.

Regional Ranger Training

TWO Regional Ranger Trainings:
Sunday April 17nd, 9:45am-2:15pm DONE!
Saturday May 28th,   9:45am-2:15pm DONE

Everyone is welcome at Regional Training, whether you plan to Ranger or not.  Everyone benefits from Ranger training, and even the ranger-curious are welcome. Participants in leadership roles are especially encouraged: Event producers, project leads, board members and RCs can use these skills in compassionate leadership.

Regional Ranger is almost identical to Black Rock Ranger Training, except that Regional Training omits sections that are specific to Black Rock City, and replaces references to American law/regulatory references with Canadian.

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