z_2015 BRR Training In BC

in Vancouver, AND Victoria BC!

This training is suitable for anyone who wishes to volunteer to Ranger at ANY event in 2015, and required for those wishing to Ranger at Burning Man.

VICTORIA, BC: Saturday June 13, 2015
Time: 9:45am – 5:15pm
Location: 740 Discovery Street, Victoria BC

VANCOUVER, BC: Sunday June 14, 2015
Time: 9:45am – 5:15pm
Location: East Vancouver, Private Residence
(registrants will be contacted with details)

NOTE: Space is extremely limited for BRR training, and priority will be given to Prospective and Returning Rangers.  Vancouver is currently full, but we are working on getting the headcount increased.  If you are a Prospective or Returning BRR, and you wish to attend the Vancouver BRR training, and you are not yet registered, please contact us immediately.

Rangers are expected to refresh their training every year, so even if you attended in a previous year, please plan to attend if you intend to Ranger in 2015.

If you want to start qualifying to Ranger at Burning Man, you must have been to Burning Man at least twice, and at least once in the past ten years.

If you are ONLY intending to Ranger at Regional events, please attend a REGIONAL Ranger Training.  Details HERE.

Advance registration required!

Option 1: Audit Black Rock Ranger Training
If you wish to ATTEND the training, and/or Ranger at a local event, but do NOT intend to become a Black Rock Ranger in 2015 (i.e., you do not intend to Ranger at Burning Man this year), please visit, read, and follow the instructions at:

Option 2: The Path To Becoming a Black Rock Ranger
If you intend to BECOME a Black Rock Ranger in 2015, (or if you think you might, but you’re not sure), please complete your Burner Profile, (if you have not already), and fill out the Burning Man volunteer questionnaire here:

Option 3: ALREADY a BRC Ranger
If you are already a BRC Ranger just go to your account in the Clubhouse, and sign up for one of the sessions after logging in here:

Your local BC Rangers Coordinators are:

Victoria: Lori and/or Allan (Rangers Viress & Got A Match) coordinators.victoria@bcrangers.ca
Vancouver: Frank and/or Claire (Rangers Yonder & Tear Jerker) coordinators.vancouver@bcrangers.ca

We can help with questions, confusions, confirmations & encouragement.

About the Training
Black Rock Ranger Training is recognized by Burning Man communities everywhere.  Learning the common language of Rangers and receiving the same training as people outside your area, will open the way for you to volunteer at events in neighbouring regions such as Soak and Critical Northwest, as well as Burning Man and beyond.

Training includes active listening, non-confrontational and non-judgmental communication, conflict resolution, mediation, basic emergency response, radio protocol, and provides lots of practice through roleplay scenarios.  This is an excellent opportunity for good conversations, great connections, and community growth.

Everyone is welcome!  
Everyone benefits from Ranger training, and even the ranger-curious are welcome.  Participants in leadership roles are especially encouraged: Event producers, project leads, board members and RCs can use these skills in compassionate leadership.

Want to be kept in the loop about this, and future training and local Ranger activities?

Regional (Non-Black Rock) Ranger Training will also be available for Otherworld and Burn In The Forest.  Details to follow.

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